Friday, 9 September 2011

Become A Nun

It's twelve months since I finished university and I'm living at home on minimum wage.  I have today lost my final chance of funding to do a PhD.  In addition the application for the dream job I've wanted since I was five has just been rejected. To be frank - the future looks bleak.  

At times like this, I always think, what would happen if I lived in a book?

This would be the turning point in which our heroine either applies successfully to become a governess in a remote location, consoled by the grandeur of the landscape and convenient attractiveness of her rich and enigmatic employer. Or....through a uncanny turn of fate, involving an incident with a runaway pram, earns the undying gratitude of a woman who happens to have a vacancy in her small-yet-up-and-coming-business-complete-with-group-of-eccentric-but-ever-so-loveable-employees.  

On the other hand, if you're me, you do a Guardian job search and get the result 'Become A Nun'.  I knew my Masters was useful for something.

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