Saturday, 10 September 2011

A Medieval Pleasance

Towers at Tregruk
Whilst doing the housework, I decided to also get  my Saturday morning fix of Time Team repeats.  I am not always impressed by their programs, but I had a surprise.   The episode focused on a little known castle in South Wales called Tregruk or Llangybi, which belonged to the rich and powerful de Clares.  The pictures below give an idea of how wild and overgrown the site is! It reminds me of Sleeping Beauty's castle.

Tregruk - very large curtain wall

Doorway at Tregruk
Mysteriously, for a site the size of Windsor Castle, there is very little evidence of buildings or activities inside the massive bailey.  After three days of puzzlement the team concluded that rather than being an important military site, it was probably in fact a 'pleasance' - a romantic medieval retreat.  The empty space may well have been full of gardens and fountains for the amusement of the rich owners.  Not an image usually associated with medieval fortifications!  It is certainly a place I'll put on my list of things to visit.
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