Monday, 29 February 2016

Crossfit Challenge: Two Weeks In

So I hit the massive sugar cravings on Day 14.  Not sure why they were so delayed but I didn't deal with it great.  Over the course of Sunday afternoon I ate a massive helping of homemade houmous, multiple oatcakes, too much dried fruit, ate a load of roasted butternut squash whilst cooking a risotto and, in the end, as nothing was hitting that sweet spot, decided to try my own "chocolate pudding" made from avocado.  This was pretty simple and involved blending two avocados, some cocoa powder (100% unsweetened) and...two teaspoons of honey.  It was pretty disappointing and earns me my first black mark for the honey.  Though I'd decided I deserved one anyway for sheer gluttony. 

Good Points
  • I've been feeling much lighter and less bloated and I do think my tummy has shrunk a little (well I know it has as I've lost an inch off my waist!).
  • I went on a work night out to the pub, drank just soda water, resisted the massive urge to order wine and laughed so much my face hurt.  Plus I could drive home, had a decent sleep and woke up at 7.30am on Saturday feeling good.
  • I'm still sleeping more and getting more restful sleep.
  • Until the aforementioned glutton-fest I'd reduced my snacking and caffeine consumption.
  • I made three Crossfit classes and a spinning class.
  • I went foraging in the sunshine with my boyfriend.
Bad Points
  • My foot is worse despite physio - I'm off to the GP this week armed with a letter from my physio asking for a sports medicine referral.  Some discussion was had over whether it was a bone density issue.  It looks like my 4 year old fracture has flared up.  Vit D deficiency was mentioned.
  • Sugar cravings are getting worse - leading to overeating.
  • The gym nearest my work burnt down.
  • I'm spending too much time cooking - not enough time outdoors.  Did a lot of "soaking" and then cooking of beans and pulses to see if I could make some more FODMAP friendly meals for my IBS.
  • Drinking 2 litres of water most days plus a lot of herbal tea but need to ensure I'm drinking enough water at the weekend.
  • Need to think less about food all the time and find distractions for sugar craving.  Reading etc.  Spend less time in the house if my weekends are quiet.
  • Plan my time carefully to get to gym sessions after work as other gym is further away.
  • On my days off walk as many places as possible, if my foot is up to it, to get fresh air and Vit D.
  • Ordered a D3 vegan supplement to take just in case!
  • Water bottle close to hand on day off.

Link to my Food Diary:

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Crossfit Challenge: Review of Week One

So one week down and how has it been?

Good points
  • No black marks  - which I was pretty impressed with considering I went away to the Lakes at the weekend with friends and my boyfriend.  I resisted wine, homemade brownies, dessert and various other treats that came my way.  
  • I have eaten all whole, real, homecooked foods - even when eating out.
  • I did my physio consistently even though my foot is becoming worse (!).
  • I feel like it's becoming a little easier to resist sugar.
  • I have had nearly 8 hours sleep every night.

Bad points

  • Exercise has been suboptimal.  I am genuinely not trying to make excuses when I say I have good reasons for this.  I returned to work after my laser eye surgery only to find the artificial bright lighting and high screen use (I'm a therapy radiographer working in what is effectively a nuclear bunker) made me very dizzy, headachey and sick. Four 11 hour days in a row of this was incredibly difficult and made me opt out of WODs.  At the same time the metarsalgia in my right foot has been worsening despite my avoidance of running and regular physio.  In addition I can't swim for another 2 weeks because of the eye surgery and my Pilates class was cancelled.  Excuses over.
  • Though I haven't broken any rules, I have perhaps overeaten the real food snacks.  Which I especially don't need when I'm doing so little exercise.  Too much homemade bread, cheese and peanut butter was probably eaten at the weekend whilst avoiding alcohol and baked goods.
  • Too much caffeine.  I love my morning Yorkshire Tea and that is non-negotiable but I do usually avoid caffeine the rest of the day sticking to water and herbal tea.  Last week I noticed I was going for far more cups of caffeinated tea and even coffee during the day at work - especially during the afternoon slump when I would have opted for a sugary snack.
  • Less snacking during the day unless I really feel quite hungry.
  • Avoid bread (even when homemade) and cheese as of less nutritional value.
  • Swap Yorkshire tea for fruit or mint during the day at work.
  • Make at least three Crossfit classes this week.  Aim to do at least one long walk at the weekend and look into buying a bike/spinning classes.

I do feel a bit more bloated and chubby if anything but I'm hoping it's just lack of exercise and the flare up of my IBS.  I will follow the advice of just eating well for the first two weeks and if I'm still struggling, start calorie counting.

Monday, 15 February 2016

50 Day Crossfit Leeds Nutrition Challenge - Day One 15th Feb 2016

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WAIST: 70 CM (27.7 INCHES)


Yep, this is pretty much a total departure from the original theme of this blog.  Maybe I can relate it to Paleoanthropology at some point.

I have recently signed up to the Crossfit 50 Day Nutrition Challenge at my gym Crossfit Leeds.  So this is seven weeks of:
  • No alcohol
  • No processed food
  • No added sugars/sweeteners (natural or artificial)
  • Train at least 3 times a week. Ideally more.
  • No cakes, biscuits, cookies, etc regardless of whether they are Paleo!
Looking back at my last post nearly 4 years ago I was just recovering from a broken right foot.  This time it's a broken left foot.  Equally accidental and equally infuriating.  Three months later I'm still not running and barely doing any cardio.  I'm doing some sporadic Crossfit classes (worst Crossfitter in the world right here!) but little else.  I can safely say I haven't been this unfit for 4 years!  So in an effort to at least bring a little bit of discipline and focus back into my life, I have signed up for this challenge.

My goals are:

1) Lose 3% body fat (might be ambitious).
2) Train 4-5 times a week - Crossfit, swimming, climbing, Pilates, hiking.
3) Defeat the sugar addiction (this is a MAJOR problem).
4) Commit to physio, do my exercises and get back running!!

My biggest test by far will be not drinking.  Not because I have a problem with alcohol but because until you stop you don't notice how many social situations involve drinking and how weird it feels not to have an alcoholic drink in your hand.  I tend to find I want to leave about 3 hours earlier.  I'm also not allowed to drink cordial and soda water so I will literally be drinking sparkling or still water when out.  Fun times.

We receive a black mark for every time we break one of the rules.  This makes the WOD we do at the end (3rd April) extra nasty apparently. 

So I've taken my Before photos (might be posted at the end if feeling brave) and had my measurements done and am all set. 

Today involved no black marks and a Crossfit class so I'm off to a good long can I keep it up?!