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50 Day Crossfit Leeds Nutrition Challenge - Day One 15th Feb 2016

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WAIST: 70 CM (27.7 INCHES)


Yep, this is pretty much a total departure from the original theme of this blog.  Maybe I can relate it to Paleoanthropology at some point.

I have recently signed up to the Crossfit 50 Day Nutrition Challenge at my gym Crossfit Leeds.  So this is seven weeks of:
  • No alcohol
  • No processed food
  • No added sugars/sweeteners (natural or artificial)
  • Train at least 3 times a week. Ideally more.
  • No cakes, biscuits, cookies, etc regardless of whether they are Paleo!
Looking back at my last post nearly 4 years ago I was just recovering from a broken right foot.  This time it's a broken left foot.  Equally accidental and equally infuriating.  Three months later I'm still not running and barely doing any cardio.  I'm doing some sporadic Crossfit classes (worst Crossfitter in the world right here!) but little else.  I can safely say I haven't been this unfit for 4 years!  So in an effort to at least bring a little bit of discipline and focus back into my life, I have signed up for this challenge.

My goals are:

1) Lose 3% body fat (might be ambitious).
2) Train 4-5 times a week - Crossfit, swimming, climbing, Pilates, hiking.
3) Defeat the sugar addiction (this is a MAJOR problem).
4) Commit to physio, do my exercises and get back running!!

My biggest test by far will be not drinking.  Not because I have a problem with alcohol but because until you stop you don't notice how many social situations involve drinking and how weird it feels not to have an alcoholic drink in your hand.  I tend to find I want to leave about 3 hours earlier.  I'm also not allowed to drink cordial and soda water so I will literally be drinking sparkling or still water when out.  Fun times.

We receive a black mark for every time we break one of the rules.  This makes the WOD we do at the end (3rd April) extra nasty apparently. 

So I've taken my Before photos (might be posted at the end if feeling brave) and had my measurements done and am all set. 

Today involved no black marks and a Crossfit class so I'm off to a good long can I keep it up?!

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