Monday, 29 February 2016

Crossfit Challenge: Two Weeks In

So I hit the massive sugar cravings on Day 14.  Not sure why they were so delayed but I didn't deal with it great.  Over the course of Sunday afternoon I ate a massive helping of homemade houmous, multiple oatcakes, too much dried fruit, ate a load of roasted butternut squash whilst cooking a risotto and, in the end, as nothing was hitting that sweet spot, decided to try my own "chocolate pudding" made from avocado.  This was pretty simple and involved blending two avocados, some cocoa powder (100% unsweetened) and...two teaspoons of honey.  It was pretty disappointing and earns me my first black mark for the honey.  Though I'd decided I deserved one anyway for sheer gluttony. 

Good Points
  • I've been feeling much lighter and less bloated and I do think my tummy has shrunk a little (well I know it has as I've lost an inch off my waist!).
  • I went on a work night out to the pub, drank just soda water, resisted the massive urge to order wine and laughed so much my face hurt.  Plus I could drive home, had a decent sleep and woke up at 7.30am on Saturday feeling good.
  • I'm still sleeping more and getting more restful sleep.
  • Until the aforementioned glutton-fest I'd reduced my snacking and caffeine consumption.
  • I made three Crossfit classes and a spinning class.
  • I went foraging in the sunshine with my boyfriend.
Bad Points
  • My foot is worse despite physio - I'm off to the GP this week armed with a letter from my physio asking for a sports medicine referral.  Some discussion was had over whether it was a bone density issue.  It looks like my 4 year old fracture has flared up.  Vit D deficiency was mentioned.
  • Sugar cravings are getting worse - leading to overeating.
  • The gym nearest my work burnt down.
  • I'm spending too much time cooking - not enough time outdoors.  Did a lot of "soaking" and then cooking of beans and pulses to see if I could make some more FODMAP friendly meals for my IBS.
  • Drinking 2 litres of water most days plus a lot of herbal tea but need to ensure I'm drinking enough water at the weekend.
  • Need to think less about food all the time and find distractions for sugar craving.  Reading etc.  Spend less time in the house if my weekends are quiet.
  • Plan my time carefully to get to gym sessions after work as other gym is further away.
  • On my days off walk as many places as possible, if my foot is up to it, to get fresh air and Vit D.
  • Ordered a D3 vegan supplement to take just in case!
  • Water bottle close to hand on day off.

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