Monday, 21 March 2016

Nutrition Challenge Week Five: Black Mark Bonanza

So I had my first drink and dessert in five weeks on Saturday.  Do I feel guilty? Not one little bit.

I had planned on some damage control around this weekend for a while as we were spending three days in London, going to a show, a fancy dinner and seeing lots of friends.  On the Friday we went to some great exhibitions including the British Library and the Wellcome Collection.  I had a beautiful salad for lunch and an amazing Goats Cheese tart for tea before we went to the theatre (War of the World's - amazing - you should go). I resisted wine and stuck to sparkling water.   I think I would actually have been less alert for the show if I'd had a drink.

It was Saturday that I knew would be the challenge. We went to watch Aled's old uni boat club take part in the Head of the River Race - 400 teams racing the same Oxbridge boat race route down the Thames.  It was a pretty impressive sight and this was to be followed in the evening by the club alumni dinner at a fancy tennis club in Richmond.  In between we headed back to Hyde Park, where we were staying, to meet a good friend of mine for a drink at the top of the Park Lane Hilton.  Now I knew I was going to have a drink later that evening and I decided I'd love to enjoy my first drink in that pretty special setting so I ordered a glass of wine and made it last.  It was delicious.

Dinner was a three course meal with wine on the table...and rowing clubs know how to drink.  I started with sparkling water but then drank wine with my food - about three small glasses over the course of three hours.  I had a lot of water in between which I assume explains my lack of drunkeness and lack of hangover next morning.  In fact I woke up feeling pretty good.  I also had 1.5 slices of lemon tart and enjoyed it!  It was a really nice evening and fun to meet Aled's old uni friends.

Sunday I was back to being good, meeting friend's for a yummy Soho brunch of smashed avo and eggs. Lots of walking, window shopping and a visit to the swankiest address in London (1, London otherwise known as Apsley House, the Duke of Wellington's pad) brought an end to an awesome weekend.  We got a healthy takeaway from the new Mildred's (veggie/vegan restaurant) at King's Cross for the train ride home.

Good Points

  • I had a great weekend away, and though I had some indulgences I didn't drink or eat to excess but savoured some good food and drink.  Plus no hangover!  Could I be learning some self control?
  • Despite less exercise and the indulgences this weekend my weight is now 8st 8lbs compared to 9st 0lbs 5 weeks ago.  My waist is now 26 inches - 1.7inches less than 5 weeks ago!
  • I tried out swimming and climbing with friends this week and really really enjoyed both.

Bad Points

  • Becoming quite reliant on caffeine, especially coffee which I barely drank before so will make more of an effort to drink herbal teas and water.
  • 6 black marks for four glasses of wine spread over Saturday afternoon/evening and two marks for 1 and a half slices of lemon tart.  
  • No Crossfit this week and less exercise overall.   Muscle tone low but this is something I can hopefully improve.


  • More water, herbal tea and less caffeine.
  • More exercise - planned sessions in.
  • Have in mind that it is Easter weekend coming up and I'm going to my Mum's.  I've already said to myself that I may have one homebaked treat - knowing that my Mum will be baking her chocolate Easter cake!  I'm looking forwards knowing I need to think about maintaining control once the Challenge has finished.  This might be by having planned treats once a week to stop blowouts.

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