Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Week Six: Bank Holiday Temptations

This week started off well but certainly didn't end well.  The Easter weekend was always going to be difficult on the chocolate front for me but I thought I'd made a plan to combat this.  I'd been on a night out on Good Friday with a big group of friends to a comedy club and not felt the lack of alcohol. I was working early the next day as well so was glad there was no possibility of a hangover. I had planned to have a slice of Mum's Easter cake when I got home on Easter Saturday and I did after tea.  I was then designated driver to the pubs of Sheffield which was also absolutely fine and I didn't miss drinking.

Easter Sunday involved lots of activities including playing with my little cousins so that wasn't too much of an issue either but I did fold at teatime and have a glass of prosecco with everyone else at Sunday dinner.  I did have to sit and watch everyone else eat dessert.

Easter Monday we went out for lunch and I had an amazing pie and mushy peas which left me groaning for most of the rest of the day and therefore feeling grumpy.  It didn't help that in the evening I went to a pub quiz and ate some snacks and had a glass of red wine.  I was in a thoroughly bad mood, probably due to the lack of exercise as well.

Good Points

  • I had a great week for exercise this week, 3 crossfit sessions, 1 pilates class and I did a WOD in the park in the sunshine on Easter Sunday morning with my boyfriend.
  • I was feeling the difference in definition in my body on Saturday/Sunday - however that feeling has now worn off!  On the upside I had managed to comfortably wear some XS Levi shorts that had been at the back of my drawer for the last year or so.
  • I have a pretty impressive stock of chocolate at the back of my cupboard that I've managed not to touch for a few weeks now.
Bad Points
  • Far too dehydrated/tea consumption off the chart this weekend.  Need to really get back into a routine this week.
  • Rein in the overeating this week ready for BF % measurements - I almost wish I'd had mine done Friday/Saturday as that was the best my body had looked and felt to me!
  • Make sure to get some exercise in around work.
  • Work hard on physio.
It's the final push and I'm trying not to give up too much mentally - to the point where I'm thinking of doing an 8th week after this.

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