Friday, 30 December 2016

2016 Round Up/2017 Goals

Well we've reached the arsehole of the year once again.  Time to review what was achieved/not achieved, be it planned or not, and also to set some new goals.

The 2016 list:

Totally surprised at some of the ones I achieved - promotion and the pull up especially! Vegan for 2 months didn't quite happen - I did 6 weeks and decided I wasn't ready.

My original goal of booking a laser eye surgery consultation quickly turned into finding myself under the laser in early Feb.  One of the most terrifying but ultimately life changing experiences a person who has been severely myopic for most of their life could undergo and, I hope, absolutely worth the money.

Walking Hadrian's Wall was probably the most wonderful holiday I have ever had, blessed with the most glorious spring weather you can experience in Northern England in May.

The more mundane financial goals were partially achieved but as ever, my budgeting skills could be improved.

I have had attempts at meditation and mindfulness so I can say I've tried them even if I'm not sure it's for me. Headspace was really useful app and helped get my head in the right place for sleep earlier in the year.

I had formed a plan to go to Australia in Jan 2018 however with other (exciting!) plans happening closer to home this has been put on hold.

Changing a car tyre is certainly going onto 2017's list - a need to know skill.

The three goals I'm probably most disappointed to achieve were the most physical goals and in the past would have been the ones I would have put most effort into achieving.  However, long standing issues with running and later in the year, leaving Crossfit, have put those on hold, perhaps permanently.

Overall I have done a lot and though it has been a difficult year in some ways, I have a lot to be grateful for (as much as that phrase makes me grimace - bloody Pollyanna).

So moving onto 2017:

  • Buy a house
  • Change a car tyre
  • Be a good Band 6 - deliver on work projects.
  • Finish London Marathon if knee injury permits
  • Address my anxiety and IBS
  • Write a short story
  • Volunteer time - to friends/family/strangers
  • Try one new social group/hobby ie Book Club or Self-Defence or Boxing
  • Travel somewhere new alone eg Rome or Bath
  • Spend more time outdoors on work days (eg lunchtime walk)
Some of these should be achievable very quickly, others may take more planning.

I will need to make some smaller short-term goals to reach some of the larger.  

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