Wednesday, 5 April 2017

2017 Goals so far!

Three months into 2017 I thought I'd take a look at what goals I have achieved so far.  I will freely admit that this is a boring post for anyone to read if you're not me but then I'm really hoping no-one actually reads this blog!

Anyway...back to the goals...

  • Buy a house
  • Change a car tyre
  • Be a good Band 6 - deliver on work projects.
  • Finish London Marathon if knee injury permits
  • Address my anxiety and IBS
  • Write a short story
  • Volunteer time - to friends/family/strangers
  • Try one new social group/hobby ie Book Club or Self-Defence or Boxing
  • Travel somewhere new alone eg Rome or Bath
  • Spend more time outdoors on work days (eg lunchtime walk)

1) I realised I don't want to buy a house after my purchase in Jan felt through and even when I found a beautiful flat few weeks ago I didn't want to buy it.  Instead, I'm looking into some new exciting opportunities beyond the UK...

2) Yes!! Finally! My brilliant friend Sean took me through the whole process and also gave me a quick crash course of what to look for under the bonnet.

3) An ongoing task - I'm doing my best to keep on top of this.

4) Sadly, absolutely not possible.  Knee is still in rehab.  Continuing with physio for the time being and doing the return to running program.

5) Having counselling and also doing a CBT course online for my anxiety.  I have tried an elimination diet for my IBS which wasn't very successful.  I'm currently pestering my GP for a referral.

6) TO DO

7) Trying - I've been giving lifts to an injured friend, trying to visit my family.  Feel like I'm still very wrapped up in my own life (yes the irony - I'm writing all these self-obsessed blog posts).

8) I've tried quite a few new activities recently - Thai boxing, book club, horse-riding, paint-balling, pole dancing, gym personal training and next up is Jujitsu.

9) Booked a holiday to Italy in May woop! Scary but exciting - I'm staying in a hostel in Naples and off to see Pompeii.

10) Been doing rehab runs quite frequently at lunch and think it has helped me feel better at work :).

So overall I've made a start on all these things apart from writing a short story.  I think that will be an aim over the next six months.  I will try to continue to work on my mental and physcial well being as well as being a better friend.  I will also keep trying to improve at work.

I may make some more specific goals at some point...